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Cocktails and Mustaches Everywhere

fernanda blog 5 pictureI know that all my friends like to joke around that I'm some kind of crazy Dominican girl, but really, that is not true. At least, not usually.

Last night was an exception! My friends Lucia, Jessica, and I decided to go out on the town and have some dinner, then some drinks. Nothing new, right?

Well, dinner went smoothly enough, with Lucia blabbing about her crazy boyfriend almost the entire time. Apparently now, he's decided to grow this super creepy looking mustache that she begs him to shave but he refuses to. She says he's trying to look like some UFC fighter or something that he thinks is cool. I swear, that guy is like a 15-year old!

Anyway, for some reason the mustache thing was hilarious to Jessica and I. We kept putting our fingers across our upper lips like little mustaches and laughing like crazy. Even Lucia had to admit it was funny. Finally, Jessica and I decided to approach a couple of guys at the bar.

The one guy had been looking at me and he was very cute. The other guy kind of had his back to us, but he had a tight t-shirt on and a great body. Generally, cute guys hang with other cute guys, so Jessica was okay with approaching them to talk without having seen the friend's face.

So, we go up there and start to introduce ourselves, and when the friend turns to face us he's got this ridiculous mustache! I mean, it looks like a baby squirrel or something crawled on his upper lip and took a nap! I just couldn't help myself, I stopped in mid-sentence and started cracking up. The guys looked at me like I was crazy and I tried to say “I'm sorry” but I could barely catch my breath. Jessica's face was bright red!

We ended up leaving because I embarrassed the girls so much. Later on, Jessica said she was mad at me because even with the mustache she thought the guy was “really hot”. That set me off again and I started laughing like a crazy person all over again. I think I'm going to lose it every time I see a guy with a mustache from now on.

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